T H E  G O D D E S S 

The Goddess pendant is a celebration of the feminine and is a tool for anyone who wishes to nurture their inner Goddess. This handcrafted pendant displays 3 symbols that represent femininity - Ankh for Feminine Energy, Heart for Love and Tree of Life for Fertility

Wearing this pendant provides you with a daily reminder of the feminine within, and by nurturing your inner Goddess, you will unleash this powerful energy

P I N K O P A L 

Love / Resolution / Peace 

Pink Opal is a love stone and is very powerful when it comes in contact with your heart. Often referred to as “The Stone of Resolution”, Pink Opal works to heal emotional wounds, enabling us to resolve and let them go. This allows your heart to be open to attracting an abundance of love from others, but more importantly, nurtures self-love and your inner Goddess power. Wear this crystal when you feel nervous or anxious as it has a gentle vibration, bringing peace and tranquility.

D E T A I L S 

  • Hand carved Goddess pendant available in 9ct yellow gold or 925 stg silver
  • Paired with an interchangeable Pink Opal crystal
  • Both on a 45cm chain
  • Goddess pendant measures 16mm(L) x 4mm(W) x 2mm (D)  
  • All crystals are hand selected, so the shape and size of your Pink Opal piece will differ slightly from the image
  • Your necklace comes with a Palo Santo stick, to cleanse your crystal before wearing 
  • Each piece is made to order with love, so may take up to 2-3 weeks for delivery

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