The latest A M Y G O L D collection T H E G O D D E S S offers a pendant that is a celebration of the feminine and is a tool for anyone who wishes to nurture their inner Goddess. This handcrafted pendant displays 3 symbols that represent femininity - Ankh for Feminine Energy, Heart for Love and Tree of Life for Fertility

Wearing this pendant provides you with a daily reminder of the feminine within, and by nurturing your inner Goddess, you will unleash this powerful energy. 


1. SELF CARE - self care is essential as it allows you to be there for others. Care for your inner Goddess by doing things you love - go for a surf, have a wine with your best pal, spend time in nature - whatever lights you up, do it! 

2. GO WITHIN - create a daily ritual where you take time to stop and connect with your inner guidance system. Intuition is a Goddesses most powerful tool. 

3. SPEND TIME WITH OTHER GODDESSES - being around other feminine energy is the best way to connect with your inner Goddess, so make time for the women in your life.

4. PRACTICE SELF LOVE - this can be the most challenging of all, but the most beneficial. Take time to give gratitude for the things you love about yourself, no matter how small. Focusing on the things you love about yourself encourages more love to grow. 

5. ADORN YOURSELF - Goddesses reflect their inner beauty with outer beauty, so everyday wear something that makes you feel like you!! Team your Goddess pendant with your favourite crystal to support your journey of becoming the most powerful and authentic Goddess you can ever imagine.

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