Palo Santo, or ‘holy wood’, is from the sacred Palo Santo tree native to South America and is used to clear negative energy, to purify spaces and crystals.

Palo Santo has a very high concentration of both limonene and α-terpineol terpenes and scientific studies show that these two terpenes are strong anti-inflammatory compounds that regulate the immune system and act as antioxidants, effective for fighting free radicals, relieving stress and reducing headaches and other pains.

When the unique fragrance of Palo Santo scent stimulates the brain, the body turns on its relaxation response, blood circulation increases, and we experience feelings of mental and emotional clarity, peace and tranquility plus many other beneficial effects.

According to Shamanic lore, when the smoke from Palo Santo wood enters our personal energy field, the tree spirit in this wood clears away negative thoughts and energy. 


1. Light your Palo Santo stick
2. Allow it to burn for up to a minute then blow it out
3. Allow the smoke from the stick to envelope the crystal for as long as you intuitively feel

Cleansing is an important step with wearing your crystal, as they absorb energy and vibrations from whomever or wherever they go. For every piece from T H E G O D D E S S collection, we provide a free stick of Palo Santo, so you can cleanse your crystal before wearing it.