Launching A M Y G O L D in 2020, my vision was to build a brand that is an extension of myself. Currently residing in the Northern Beaches of Australia, I live and breathe the ocean, surfing, nature and the wonders of the universe, so I wanted to create sustainable jewellery that embodies these passions and leave people with pieces that they can treasure forever.  

As for many people, 2020 was a very transformative year for me. Covid-19 shook my whole world, putting me in a position which allowed the time to reconnect with my inner truth and reassess the direction of my life. 

Having always been spiritual, I embraced the downtime presented and focused on my spiritual practice. Becoming  more connected with myself, my femininity and my vulnerability, I was able to realign with my true path. I studied Jewellery & Metal-Smithing at Uni in my early 20’s but veered away from that when I fell into the Music & Events industry, which is where I worked for the following 10 years. It wasn’t until I stopped and looked within, that I realised getting back into my craft was what I needed to be doing. 


 Amy Gopperth